: Sabine Seume.

Welcome to Sabine Seume’s Website!

With her dance theater pieces choreographer Sabine Seume tracks down borders – thresholds of human tolerance. Merciless and shameless she presents subtle kaleidoscopes of sensitivity. Her pieces get under one’s skin, cause pain, make one laugh and are almost grotesque.

Sabine Seume’s works combine a modern European aesthetic and Eastern art to create a unique and headstrong aesthetic of fascinating intensity and directness. Her dance theater productions, which have been repeatedly nominated and awarded, are the products of constructive collaboration with renowned artists from other fields – mainly from music and painting – and were motivated by the desire to experiment.

Her repertoire includes both solo and ensemble pieces, as well as theater productions for children.

Sabine Seume is a dancer between worlds” Bettina Trouwborst, K.West 4/2004

“…very physical, close to all senses…“ Gesa Pölert, Rheinische Post, 16.05.2003

“Unexpected and fantastic“ Hans Dieter Peschken, Rheinische Post, 13.05.2003