: Sabine Seume.

: Die Königin der Farben - The queen of the colours

Foto 1 Die Königin der Farben

Dancetheatre for children from 4 years on

„...The quenn of the colours” fascinates with stage set, light- and videoimages, a beautiful figurative language and perfectly chosen dancers...“
WZ, Bettina Trouwborst

Malwida is a quenn in a white kingdom. Her servants are the colours, who give life and change to her boring empire: the red is able to be a wild horese, the blue can be a wide sky, the yellow can be the warmng sun. But not always the colours are under contol of the queen. A fight between the queen and the yellow provokes the disaster. The other colours are interfiering. And what comes up when all colours are mixing? A sad grey. The queen gets powerless and has to cry. But her tears are colourful, the colours start to drop out of her inside, they start to live through her. Everything starts to get colourful again. The wild red, the gentle blue, the warming yellow.All the colours are here again and together they celebrate the party of colours and happiness.
Till they finish the day, united and not mixed up.

Inspired from the same named book of Jutta Bauer the colours get a realistic and concret form and dynamik through the dancers. The motivation to do this performance was the challenge to give the abstract colours of the book an alive and sensual outer experience.

Foto 2 Die Königin der Farben

« Die Koenigin der Farben » is a coproduction of :Sabine Seume. Ensemble. and Tanzhaus NRW, Duesseldorf.

Sponsored by Kunststiftung NRW, Landeshauptstadt Duesseldorf, Fonds Darstellende Kuenste e.V. and the Ministerpraesidenten des Landes NRW.

First performance: August 2006

Performing rights: Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt a. M.

Choreografie: Sabine Seume and company
Dance/acting: Laila Clematide, Adraina Kocijan, Chih-Ying Ku, Birgit Pollok
Video: Naoko Tanaka
Music: Lutz Wernicke
Lightdesign: Dimitar Evtimov
Stage set: Radovan Matijek
Assistance: Patrick Müller

More information to „Die Königin der Farben”here as pdf or Video (trailer)

Photographie: Wolfgang Weimar © 2006