: Sabine Seume.

: GötterSpeise.

Foto 1 GötterSpeise

„The theme of transformation and development of the human being with all of his fantastic facets repeatedly fascinates me. By that I mean, particularly regarding “GötterSpeise”, is the way of dealing with fable-like beings and with the development from man’s animalistic tendencies to his humaneness.”

Sabine Seume

The myth of the Kikché Mayas is the groundwork for this solo. The gods created man, who he changed in their absence. They had given him everything: nurishment to live, for the senses, for the mind. Still men couldn’t nurishment this food responsibly. In this solo Sabine Seume plays with various roles and characters such as a distorted man as well as an observing and dealing godly character.
Radically changing roles – unexpected and sudden – represent drastic transformations. The gods decide to reform the body and mind in three attempts. They create animals first, which while they are able to cluck and scream, they are unfortunately unable to talk to the gods. The gods then try to create a human body with wood, but the faces are immobile and rigid. Finally, they try a mixture of corn and water – which results in a something made of flesh and blood.

Foto 2 GötterSpeise Foto 3 GötterSpeise

In a Plexiglas tub, containing a sort of ancient soup, miraculous transformations take place and are portrayed by Sabine Seume as she experiences different developmental stages in the process of becoming human. A game of extremes: poetic, powerful, facet rich and strange.

„...Choreographer Sabine Seume unites theatrical power and enormous presence with intensive ancient images that fascinate and stick in your mind. She masters an impressive diversity of mimics with which she competently refers to Japanese mythology. Crazy and aggressive, sad and quiet: her repertoire of moods is richly developed to a point where beauty and ugliness are frighteningly close to one another...”
Michael-Georg Müller, NRZ Düsseldorf

Choreography/Dance: Sabine Seume
Music: Collage and Lutz Wernicke
Lightdesign: Martin Schmitz

Financed by Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
Supported by Gebr. Overlack, Mönchengladbach

Premiered in 1997 at Ludwigforum Aachen

Photographie: Georg Schreiber © 1997