: Sabine Seume.

: Bodylandscapes. – Das blanke Wesen - Bodylandscapes - The Pure Being

Bodylandscapes – The Pure Being is an invitation to delve into the landscape of oneself. Only those who let themselves into their innermost being will be taken to this world.

Foto 1 Bodylandscapes - Das blanke Wesen

Overwhelming powers inhabit the human nature – the feelings. Sympathy, fear, sadness, joy, rage. Where is their internal domicile? They accompany us at all times, they constantly shape and steer us. At times noticeable, at other times concealed. But always operative and active. An inner voice extends itself outward with movement - inevitably. Physis and Psyche can be observed separately, however, one cannot exist without the other. The inward forms the outward. These feeling landscapes are pursued and explored in „Bodylandscapes – The Pure Being“ Sculptural, moving, abstract, narrative. Working together with the video installation, it is experienced. The body becomes a projection surface. Small becomes large and the contrary. Dance and projection melt together, complement each other, become body landscapes.

The anger in the stomach get´s an image in the dance. The body, sometimes object, sometimes the space for emotions, is the starting point of the choreographer and dancer Sabine Seume. In her latest solo work she searches for the essence of the human being in his simplicity but also in his variety. The choreographer finds different emotions in several parts of the body and draws a picture of various Bodylandscapes.

„Silent, with a monstrous power and energy Peaceful, a delicate sinewy body consciousness. Not death, but life is visible Completely pure and concentrated The magic of the small joints.”

Nicole Strecker

„Changeability and agility arise from the necessity of a „must“ that the body moves with an immense power from within, which at the same time appears filigree.”

Melanie Suchy

Foto 2 Bodylandscapes - Das blanke Wesen

Choreography/Dance: Sabine Seume

Videoinstallation: Naoko Tanaka

Stage Set: Radovan Matijek

Costume: Luna Design

Lightdesign: Martin Schmitz

A :Sabine Seume. Tanzt. Solo. Production.
In co-operation with tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf.
Supported by the Provincial Capital City of Düsseldorf, the North Rhine Westphalia Prime Minister and the Stiftung van Meeteren.

Photographie: Ursula Kaufmann © 2007